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Gold Overlay & White Gold (Rhodium) Overlay

For the record, no one invented chain on spools. Chain has been put on spools since chain has been made. It is how chain is stored before it is cut into a length. Normally the retail public never saw the spools of chain as it was usually the way in which a designer or goldsmith utilized the chain. For retail, the finished chain was all that you usually saw.


A number of companies began to utilize the concept of selling chains off of spools in a retail display in the late 70s and early 80s. The first retailers to do this sold either Gold Filled Chains or 14kt gold.


Our Gold Overlay jewelry comes in three qualities: 20 mils, 30 mils, and 50 mils of gold that is applied onto the surface of the chain using an advanced acid gold eletroplating process. Our finishing process allows us to produce jewelry with wearing qualities normally found with finer jewelry products. Unlike basic gold electoplated costume jewelry, Gold Overlay jewelry may be worn all the time.

Our Gold Overlay jewelry is manufactured to produce the finest alternative to solid 14kt jewelry.



Gold filled chains have a thin layer of gold (usually 5% by weight) bonded onto the outside layer of a chain. These chains wear very well, but do not have the look and feel of 14kt gold chains. They are not diamond cut like 14kt chains are.


Most chains that are sold either by the inch or in a finshed form have a finish (application of gold) that is 10 mils or less in thickness. This type of finish is referred to as gold plated jewelry. These sellers usually refer to their product as gold layered to try to get away from some of the stigma related to gold plated jewelry. Manufacturers of these types of chains rely on putting a coating onto their chains to extend the wearing life of the product. People who are alergic to nickle are not able to wear these chains without a coating. When the coating wears off, the chain has limited wearing qualities.


Remember: The Sweet Taste of Low Price is Long Forgotten after the Bitter Taste of Poor Quality!

If you want the best jewelry alternative to 14kt gold on the market, then you want our Gold Overlay jewelry.

Do not be fooled by others who claim to have chains that have 50 mil "Wearing qualities". These are the companies who only apply 10 mils or less onto their chains and apply a coating onto the surface to extend the life. They try to promote their chains as having 50 mil "Wearing qualities".


A 10 mil chain with a coating is not the same as a 50 mil chain and do not be fooled into believing this to be true.


To get the look and feel of gold, you need to have a chain that is manufactured on the same equipment as 14kt/18kt gold chains are manufactured on. The metal that is best for this is brass. Not all brass chains are manufactured to the same quality as gold. The ones we use have similar characteristics to gold and silver. The result is that the look of the chain is identical to a gold chain in design and feel.


We have found over many years of experience that people who have problems wearing electroplated jewelry can usually wear gold overlay jewelry. It is rare that anyone who wears a 50 mil chain has the resulting skin iritations that one is alergic encounters with basic costume jewelry. This jewelry can be worn 24 hours a day, in the shower and while swimming, just like your fine 14kt jewelry.


We have many types of counter top displays that allow you to display the chains sold by the inch. Our displays range from 12 spools up to 96 spools and more.


It only takes a couple of minutes to finish a chain. We provide you with all of the findings and tools that you will need.


Inventory Control - one spool makes all the lengths you will need. You no longer need to keep all lengths in stock.

Increase sales - customers can find the style they like and have it measured to the length that looks best on them. Get multiple sales as you can quickly and easily make custom fitting necklaces, bracelets, anklets, belly chains, earrings and more.

Carry more styles - the counter top displays do not take up much space. You can offer your customer a wide array of styles to choose from.


We stand behind our jewelry 100% with a lifetime guarantee. Keep in mind that many companies offer Lifetime Guarantees even for flash jewelry products. A Lifetime Guarantee does not equal quality. It only represents a promise by the manufacturer to replace defective jewelry. What is more important is that jewelry that is manufactured with only minimal amounts of gold applied will definitely require a replacement guarantee to keep your customer happy due to the not so great wearing quality of the product.

We offer our Lifetime Guarantee as a testimony to the great quality of our product.

Because of our high quality, we are proud to say that our guarantees are not often used. Moreover, to the best of our knowledge, we are the only company in the industry who states the gold thickness in our products in writing, as well as on our invoices and our chain-by-the-inch spools. In addition, customers may return merchandise to the store where the jewelry was purchased, or directly to us by using their guarantee. (In this case a nominal postage and handling fee will be charged.)

BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY DECISIONS - CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING: carries the premier brand of 14kt style replica jewelry. This brand is California Gold. The founders of Calif Gold have been manufacturing jewelry since 1978. Today California Gold is one of the world's largest manufacturers of Gold Overlay and Rhodium Overlay Jewelry with over 3,000 styles of charms, 400 styles of chain, and a growing line of rings, earrings, and bracelets. Our advanced electro-depositing process (which was developed by the founders of California Gold over 25 years ago and is still the mainstay of the industry) enables us to put a thickness of gold plating ranging from 30 mils to 200 mils of gold applied onto the highest quality of brass-based chain, charms and ring castings.

We think you will agree that it is difficult to differentiate our classically designed Gold Overlay and Rhodium Overlay Jewelry from solid 14KT gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver Jewelry. Rhodium is the most expensive precious metal in the world.


Our philosophy of doing business is based on long-term relationships. We believe a strong and healthy business relationship is far more valuable than a one-time sale. Repeat business is the only business that we care to pursue. We would like to develop such a relationship with your company.

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