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24kt Gold Electroform
Real Leaves Preserved in 24Kt Gold

We first started making leaves preserved in 24kt Gold back in 1978. This is our 29th year. The beauty of this process is that each piece of jewelry is made from a real leaf so each one is unique. No two are alike.

The process is called Electroforming. We take a hand picked real leaf and hand paint the surface with a copper based paint. Once the natural surface is coated with the copper metal we are able to dip the leaves into a solution of 24kt gold. The result is a beautiful leaf that is preserved in pure 24kt gold.

Each leaf is a unique handcrafted piece of wearable art. Click here to see a preview of the Electroforming process Note how a real green leaf is under the gold.

In addition to leaves we also have beautiful roses and orchids. We also have a beautiful collection of genuine shells that are trimmed with gold or in some cases fully coated in gold.

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